Industrial AC/DC desktop power adapter

The power adapter is 120W~180W desktop type adapter series with PFC Fuction.This product is equipped with a 3-pin C14 power plug,adopting the input range from 100VAC to 240VAC.The entire series supplies output voltage between 12VDC and 48VDC.The effiency is up to 87% and standby power consumption is below 0.5W.The supreme feature allows the adapter to save the energy.So,It is a perfect application?for?you to power the?relative household appliances and industrial equipments.


  • Universal?Input 100-240 VAC
  • 3 pin C14 AC inlet
  • Output with Low Ripple Noise
  • Energy efficiecy level VI
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Hig efficiency up to 87%
  • Class I power (with earth pin)
  • Protections:Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
  • Fully enclosed plastic case
  • LED indicator for power on
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • Case Dimension (L*W*H mm): 168*66*44
  • Modified and Custom Design Available
  • 2 years warranty

Input Characteristics

  • Input Voltage: 100~240V AC
  • Input Voltage Range: 90-264VAC
  • Rated Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz single phase.
  • AC Input Frequency Range: 47Hz to 63Hz
  • No Load Power Consumption:Max. no-load power consumption is less than 0.5Watt 115V AC/60Hz and 230V AC/50Hz
  • Inrush Current (cold start) : 50A Max. @200V AC/60Hz, 60A Max. @230V AC/50Hz Active Power Factor Correction: Typical ≥0.9(115V AC/60Hz and 230V AC/50Hz full load)
  • Efficiency:
    230V AC/ 50Hz, Efficiency(Typical full load): 87%
    115V AC/ 60Hz, Efficiency(Typical full load): 84%

Output Characteristics

  • Rated Voltage:?12V~48V optional
  • Output voltage regulation precision: ±5%
  • Loading regulation: ±1%
  • Turn on delay: The power adaptor?shall switch on in less than 3 seconds at input voltage 115V AC to 240V AC
  • Hold-up time: The output voltage shall be sustained 6mS within regulation requirement after loss 100V AC and maximum load
  • Rise time: DC output rise time from 10% to 90% of output voltage shall be less than 40mS at nominal line and maximum load
  • Load transient response: the power adapter?must be within regulation when applying a step load from 0% to 50% and 50% to 100% load at 0.5A/μS slew rate and 10mS time period.
  • Over voltage protection:
    The output shall be protected by latch-off at over-voltage condition. Max. voltage can’t exceed 2 times of rated voltage. The set will return to normal state by AC reset ≦3Minutes
  • Short Circuit: the power adapter?output can be shorted without any damage. No odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, and excessive heat happen. The power adapter?shall be auto-recovery. (It will return to normal operation when then the faulty condition is removed).

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃
  • Operating humidity: 20%~ 90% (Relative humidity).
  • Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃ .
  • Storage humidity: 0%~ 95% . (Relative humidity).
  • Cooling:By natural air flow


  • Dielectric Withstand Voltage ( HI-POT ):
    HI-POT—A IEC 320 3pin primary to secondary ( FG ) 1500Vac 5mA 1min

Safety Approvals:

Designed according to UL/CE and FCC standards


  • MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failures) Calculation: MTBF shall be 50K hours of continuous operation at 20℃, maximum load and normal voltage
  • MTBF Verification: The MTBF shall be verified from life testing performed by factory Quality Department. The operating conditions are: 40℃ ambient temperature , sea level , both nominal line voltage ranges (230Vac) and a minimum load of 70% of the maximum load.
  • Burn-in procedure: 24hrs,40+/-5℃ 240V AC ON/OFF cycling full load nominal line for every unit.

LCD monitor,3D printer, balance car, robots ,relative household appliances and industrial devices.